Preserving the natural systems on which all life depends, depends on us.  Planned giving support ensures that we can remain effective today and into the future. You can give through a will or living trust, or through beneficiary designations in retirement plans, life insurance policies or donor advised funds. We can help supporters like you start their plans. Together, we can protect the natural systems on which all life depends, and educate our kids in the importance of land stewardship.

Let us share a few our dreams that planned giving can benefit:

  • We have a dream of creating a sustaining fund that lets us spend more time delivering our programming to underserved kids in the Northcoast.  Sustaining funds, similar to an endowment, allow us to keep the costs of our overhead low, better qualify for grant funds by allowing us to direct matching funds to important projects, and allow us to be nimble to pivot toward important actions that fulfill our mission.
  • We have a dream is to acquire and hold a property where we could demonstrate natural resource stewardship activities, and present demonstration projects for all of our programs. Our idealized Conservation Works Center would be an educational and outreach facility with training classes and habitat trails with signage, as well as supporting onsite programs working with youth and other community members to build conservation knowledge and leadership.

Perhaps you have a dream, too--a dream of leaving a legacy you would be proud to see carry on through the generations to come.  Come talk to us about our dreams...and yours.