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Conservation Works is a nonprofit organization performing environmental education and action with youth and our community that involves on-the-ground change in pollinator protection, water conservation, climate change, and healthy sustainable communities.

We have several programs that:

  • engage youth in outdoor conservation activities
  • make on the ground change in creating and restoring habitat
  • address climate change
  • help with fire resiliency
  • work with our communities to become more sustainable
  • Support local farmer and ranchers


You can join us, and make a difference today!












Get Kids Energized in Nature



Youth Taking Action


Today's youth spend less time outdoors than any other generation, often devoting only minutes to outdoor activities per day. Studies have shown that outdoor time in nature is essential to healthy life, and feeling purposeful. A sense of purpose has been shown to be positively correlated to mental and emotional well-being. Developmentally, the period from childhood through adolescence is when humans develop strong bonds with their community, gain their sense of identity and begin to experience a desire for purpose. Among youth, purpose is often realized when they learn they can make a difference.

Our Youth in Nature programs foster immersion into the natural world with consequent discovery that as individuals, youth can contribute to something larger than themselves by integrating their talent, passions and values (many still being learned) into their future pursuits.












Slow It Down



Climate Change


It is the small actions made cumulatively that can make the biggest impact to address climate change.  Increase recycling literacy in schools and helping divert school food waste from landfills through campus-wide composting programs can divert a significant amount of food waste from greenhouse gas-producing landfills, and instead transform this waste into compost, a useful product beneficial to the planet.  Food waste in landfills as the single most influential human caused source of methane production in the nation.  Stopping methane emissions will allow cooling to follow within a decade, not the centuries it would take to see results from our current mandates for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  School institutions are one of the largest groups that produces daily waste, with as much as 50% of this waste able to be recycled or turned into compost.  These wasted resources are also a lost opportunity to teach our youth lifelong sustainability and regenerative practices.





















 Prevent, Prepare, Restore



Fire Resiliency


Our northern California area recently has been challenged by repeat catastrophic fires, and our local community members are seeking ways they can participate in the healing of the environment around them.  One goal of our community involvement program is to create awareness of fire resiliency actions and associated ecosystem protection for the watershed that is home to diverse land and aquatic wildlife including endangered Coho salmon and other salmonids.  An additional goal is to participate in the healing of a community struggling to recover from the recent fires by strengthening the connection to place through taking action to help a damaged watershed. 















Farmer/Rancher Growth and Development



mustardfieldsmlCultivating Commerce


Cultivating Commerce is the business and community development program of our non-profit, and includes  several key initiatives:  Sustainable Futures, Innovative Forestlands, Value Added opportunities like Ag and Eco Tourism, Business Capacity Support to Small to Medium Farmers and Ranchers, and other economic development opportunities.

We also encourage entrepreneurship growth whether at the farmer level or in a business that recognizes the importance of maintaining a rural community and our quality of life. Whether adding a niche marketing endeavor such as boutique honey production to an existing operation or pursuing a startup urban farm, entrepreneurs struggle in developing and implementing a viable business model in our rural area, and Cultivating Commerce can help.









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