Second Annual Sit Spot Challenge! 

A sit spot is simply a place in nature that you visit on a regular basis.

Getting outside into nature is healthy and fun, and last year we launched our first annual Sit Spot Challenge as a fun outdoor experience for people.  WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN!


Saturday, May 8th, is Global Big Day, an annual celebration of the birds around you and presented by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  For newcomers to bird watching, Global Big Day celebrates International Migratory Bird Day via a massive community-science project utilizing eBird. Participating is fun and easy. Wherever you are, you can be a part of the global community of birders on Global Big Day in May.  That's the start, and we challenge you to find your sit spot EVERY DAY and journal about your observations of nature, continuing daily up through May 22nd, the International Day for Biodiversity.  

We encourage people to pick their own sit spot, a place outside where a person could sit and study nature wherever it surrounds them. Sit spots can be pristine and wild but they can also be a spot in the suburbs or the heart of a city. Only two essentials are needed for a sit spot: the person feels safe and there are some components of nature present.  One can sit on the ground or a bench or a step or a log.  It helps, of course, if the sit spot is close to where an individual lives, so it can easily be visited daily if the person chooses.  Daily visits help with observing how nature progresses and changes as each day passes. 

As you observe, consider the issues we face today with loss of habitat, global warming, fires, and more.  You can be part of the solution but making daily acts to conserve water, encourage pollinators in your back yard, fire harden your landscaping, and more.  Small changes cumulatively can make for big impact!