POLLINATOR WEEK 2022: JUNE 20th - 26thalinabeesml

Take the Pollinator Path Pledge, and make a difference during National Pollinator Week:


1. Plant a 3 foot by 3 foot mass of native flowering plants this week! (Or, go all out, and plant four such plots, each one blooming in a different season!  Check out our Tip #1 for 5 easy steps)

2. Properly dispose of pesticides, and stop using them in or near your garden

3. Make a monthly recurring donation to Conservation Works ($20 a month as we celebrate 20 years of helping pollinators)!



This week and every week, celebrate these important tiny wildlife that make our fruits and vegetables possible!

Here are just a few of our native pollinators you would be helping:


Black Tailed Bumble Bee (Image courtesy of Rusty Burlew)