Sisters Picking Up lItter RoselandStudents examining aquatic macroinvertebrates



Conservation Works recently wrapped up its 2021-2022 Kids Creek Care Russian River program (Creek Care). This program engaged youth and community members in environmental education and take-action projects focusing on the two important Russian River tributaries, Colgan Creek and Roseland Creek, that flow through the diverse, economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of southwest Santa Rosa. 

The Creek Care program included two elements:

  • Creek Cleanups were take-action activities that engaged youth and the community with the hands-on conservation activity of removing trash from Colgan and Roseland Creeks.
  • The Creek Care Youth Action Group (CCYAG), a no-cost series of events for Santa Rosa teens, met from February through May 2022. Participants studied watershed characteristics and learned about water quality, habitat assessment, and surveyed plants and wildlife. The program also emphasized conservation careers and environmental advocacy to local government. See a video about the CCYAG here.


The Creek Care program was made possible by the generous grant from the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment and generous support from the City of Santa Rosa and Sonoma Water Creek Stewardship Program.


The Kids Creek Care program continues in the 2022-2023 school year with a Micro Mural project, made possible by the Joseph & Vera Long Foundation, guiding youth to create and install small paintings to educate the community about their watershed. For more information please contact Katharine Gabor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


February 27 Watershed Discovery Event Flyer

March 6 Creek Science Event Flyer

April 3 Creek Health Event Flyer

May 1 Creek Survey Event Flyer