Tubbs Fire, Kincade Fire, Mendocino Complex Fires, Burris Fire, Nuns Fire, Sulphur Fire, Redwood Complex Fire...the list grows as more dangerous wildfires hit the north coast.   The largest wildfire in California's history (Mendocino Complex) and the most destructive (Tubbs) all have happened in the past three years.  Our communities have faced unprecedented evacuations, planned power outages, and fear.  Being prepared and taking steps to reduce risk are only some of the tools that Conservation Works helps to deploy.

We currently have partnered with Gold Ridge Resouurce Conservation District to assist in working with a Sonoma County Community in implementing the Camp Meeker Fire Prevention Planning and Community Engagement Project.  In 2019, Gold Ridge RCD and Conzservation Works received funding to create a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  The Community Wildfire Protection Plan is a collaborative effort that requires input from all stakeholders, including Camp Meeker residents, local businesses, retreat camps and the relevant fire and natural resources agencies. Community meetings will help to gather information about Camp Meeker's vulnerabilities to wildfire and then prioritize projects that have earned the greatest stakeholder interest.

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